Meet The Heroes – Miracle


The first hero we’ll introduce on our blog is Miracle, or Magda to her friends and customers.


Miracle! The Grand Duchess of Draughts, Distiller of Destiny, and Magnificent Mixer of Marvels.

Gather round as Albion’s true pioneer of potions creates tantalizing tonics before your very eyes! The weak will become strong! The ugly transformed! Turn your slack jaws skyward as colourful explosions burst forth (Miracle accepts no responsibility for any burns, mild dismemberment or permanent loss of human-form inflicted during these exciting displays!).

So roll up one and all! Bring a sense of wonder, bring an open mind, bring fire-proof clothes and PLENTY of disposable income, because for one night only Miracle is willing to sell YOU the potion of your dreams, and she guarantees absolute satisfaction down to the very last drop of her expertly prepared elixirs.

You may ask yourself…

“Why is Albion’s greatest alchemist travelling around in an old caravan?”

“Why did she make us sign all those legal waivers?”

“Why have my hands turned into horses hooves?”

And possibly more revealing…

“Why is she riding away at speed with all our money?”

Basic Playstyle:

Miracle’s playstyle centres around mixing potions and buffing her creatures. This means she is stronger against other characters who primarily destroy units with damage (Crimson, Sand, Marshall) but weaker against those who have abilities that silence or destroy targets (Barter, Temple).

We’ll look at some of the cards she has available later, but first let’s check out her three Hero Powers:

Basic Hero Power – Concoct:

Her basic hero ability, ‘Concoct’, allows her to randomly mix a potion to use on her units. These potions cost 0 Gold and are immediately added to the player’s hand. They come in one of four flavours:


The Vial of Strength allows Miracle to buff the attack of her units and potentially trade her weaker creatures for more powerful enemies.

The Vitality and Restoration Vials ensure Miracle’s units stay on the board longer by surviving initial combat, or healing once injured. These Vials work especially well in Co-op matches with Sand’s units.

The Vial of Confusion is Miracle’s trump card. There will be times where Miracle has no useful units to cast it on, but if a deck is built with this vial in mind, it can create some extremely powerful combinations and nasty surprises for her opponent.

Evil Hero Power – Devious Concoction:

When Miracle chooses the path of evil, she reduces the element of luck when mixing a potion. This is especially useful for players looking to build a deck around the Vial of Confusion, but also for when you are in a tricky situation and really need that Vial of Strength to finish off a big Guarding unit.

Good Hero Power – Enhanced Concoction:

If Miracle switches to good, then the Vials she brews become more powerful. In three of the cases this simply doubles their effects, the Vials of Strength, Health and Restoration become very useful buffs that can swing the tide of battle. The Vial of Confusion however, gets a major power boost and can now target enemy units which with clever play, can neutralise powerful enemy units.

However, there is a drawback to the lower levels of good and that is the increased cost of the Vials. At level 1 good, the price is 2 gold and the player will need to think about whether the additional power is worth the cost. At Level 2, the price drops to 1, but again the decision between power vials vs a choice of three lower powered ones is tricky. At Level 3 is where Good Miracle really shines as the Vials now also cost 0 gold. Player choice as to which morality to pick at level 3 is crucial and will could decide a close game.

Deck Building & Play:

Here we will mention some of the different options Miracle has when deckbuilding and show some of her varied paths to victory.

Let’s Get Vial-ent!:

The most obvious deck that Miracle can put together is one that relies on generating as many Vials as possible and using them to trigger abilities on her other cards. Firstly, there are those cards that allow Miracle to brew a new Vial as a secondary effect:

Vial Cards

These cards add extra Vials to Miracle’s hand and then she can use them on various units which use them to greater effect:


The Naive Punters summoned by Miracle’s Medicine (and also the Huckster card) are smaller versions of the Royal Fool which get stronger as Vials are used on them. Other good cards to place in this deck are units that summon other units such as the Truffle Hunter, Bandit Ringleader or Scarecrow as for this deck to work, Miracle always needs units on the board.


A second deck that Miracle can build is a deck that primarily focuses on switching her units attack and health. This allows her to do some massive swings of damage when the combos trigger.

Firstly, she should take some cards that switch or buff the health or attack of a target:


And combine those cards with units that have high health, so switch for massive damage, or stay alive longer once they are buffed:

Big Guys

Another core card for this deck is the good version of the Lab Assistant who buffs the health of a unit and then sets its attack to the health. However as mentioned above, the good version of Miracle is slightly weaker at the moment, so that becomes more viable at Level 3 Good.


As previously mentioned Sand is probably Miracle’s best ally in co-op, her buffing units health, and then the two of them triggering heal effects. She also works well with Marshall as she is able to make his Peasants more powerful at any point.

Her weaker allies include Temple, who’s units tend to die rather than stick around getting bigger or Crimson who primarily wins by doing larger amounts of direct damage.

General Strategies:

Miracle is quite weak against hordes of smaller creatures unless she has a large unit in guard, so ensure you save that one gold when facing Temple or Marshall.

Her units can suffer against removal or silence, so when playing against Barter be careful not to put ‘too’ much onto a single unit. Conversely, she is also weak against single large units, so pack an Oozify or two to deal with them.

A number of the units in the game get more powerful the longer they stay alive or improve greatly with a minor buff or two and these are the cards Miracle should look to put in many of her decks. We’ll let you discover them for yourself, but a few examples are the Corrupted, Irritated Gargoyle or Flagellant.

Final Thoughts:

Miracle is a mid to high complexity class as she often has many options on how to use her potions on any one turn. The major morality decision at Level 3 is also often a difficult choice. However, her complexity also allows her to have a lot of options mid to late game, and therefore she is able to react to most board states. With the current balance of the game, she is a very viable character for the more experienced player.




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