The Dawn of Change Update 0.1.1

“Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to the very first set of patch notes for Fable Fortune! My name’s Tom “Wimbles” Wimbush, and I’m the Lead Designer of Fable Fortune from Mediatonic. I’m here to talk to you about what you can expect from our first Fable Fortune update – Dawn of Change – and hopefully get you as excited as we are about the upcoming improvements to the game.

It’s still early days, but we’ve already been able to get some really great feedback from all of our eager alpha players, and the team has been hard at work over the last few weeks analysing that feedback and making both balance changes and bug fixes to ensure that you guys are getting the best spell-slinging experience that we can possibly deliver.

Balance wise, the Gravedigger and Prophet in particular have had some pretty extensive tweaks to their cards and Hero Powers to beef them up a bit, while Merchant and Shapeshifter have had some adjustments to tone them down. The Alchemist and Knight seem pretty solid, but we’re keen to see how they perform in the post-patch metagame. We’ve also reworked a handful of Neutral cards that were in need of a helping hand in order bolster a few different deck archetypes and open up some new and exciting choices.

To touch quickly on bugs, many of the more prevalent problems have been fixed, including errors that could occur while you were navigating around the crystal ball or selecting/renaming decks. You can scroll down for a full list of changes, but rest assured that the game should be a lot more stable now, and that you should encounter far fewer problems with card rules during battle.

That just about wraps things up. We’re excited to see how these changes affect your deck-building choices in both PvP and co-op, and hope to see you all hurling Chicken Vengeants at each other really soon!”

Tom “Wimbles” Wimbush (Lead Designer)



More ways to come back from a losing position. Less emphasis on having to kill many units in one turn.

“Temple’s previous state left a lot to be desired, with her often relying on big multikill turns to keep pace with the other Heroes. This issue was compounded by her only having a few ways to level the playing field if her opponents gained an advantage. To ease this, we made a set of adjustments designed to lower the floors on some of her more corpse-hungry cards like Damned Legion and Wake the Dead whilst maintaining their high potential ceilings. We’ve also redesigned fringe playables like Resurrect and Consume Life, as well as combo-centric cards like Reassemble the Bones and Morbid Arcanist, to give her more reliable power-spikes during the mid and late-game.

Cemetery Bannerman was proving a bit too strong in the early turns of the game and has received a slight stat reduction, but overall we think Temple should be in a much stronger place now than she was before.”

Hero Power changes:

  • Resurrect (Good): Redesigned to “Summon a 1/1 Dashing Corpse with Rush that dies at the end of turn. Units damaged by this unit gain -1/2/3 Strength this turn.”

Card changes:

  • Cemetery Bannerman: Strength reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Consume Life: Redesigned to [2] “Transform a unit with 3 or less Strength into a 1/1 Shambler.”
  • Damned Legion: Health and Strength increased from 3 to 4.
  • Morbid Arcanist: Redesigned to [10] 6/6 with “After a friendly unit dies while this is in your hand, reduce its cost by 1.”
  • Reassemble The Bones: Redesigned to [1] “Destroy a friendly unit. Add a copy to your hand and reduce its cost by [2].”
  • Stench of Death: Cost reduced from 5 to 4.
  • Wake the Dead: Cost reduced from 6 to 5.


Keeping up with the neighbours.

“We’re happy with Marshall’s overall power level right now, as his token strategies in particular have some very explosive opening turns. However, we felt Sergeant of the Shovel was a little lackluster compared to the other’s Heroes’ units of the same cost, so we’ve made a slight tweak to bring him up to par.”

Card changes:

  • Sergeant of the Shovel: Strength increase from this unit’s ability made permanent instead of temporary.


No more endless Trophies and board-wipes, but more strategic options instead.

“Playing against giant units and devastating spells can be fun, if you have the right tools to try and tackle them. Playing against a seemingly infinite stream of Trophy cards and board-wipes is not so fun, as it can be hard to see how you’re going to win. To that end, we’ve significantly toned down Barter’s Evil Hero Power to reduce his access to extra Trophy cards. We’ve also made Black Market Dealer more fragile and redesigned both Art of the Deal and Intrepid Explorer so that it’s harder to find additional copies of Broadside and Horn of the Deep, while giving Barter some unique new toys to play with by allowing him to gain access to other Heroes’ cards.

Broadside itself has received a reduction in both the potency and the cost of its Invest option, as we felt it was giving Barter too much power against small to mid-sized units, where his strength should be in dealing with larger, more expensive foes. We’ve also reduced the cost of both Reaver and Blockade and redesigned Barter’s Good Hero Power to open up some new and interesting strategic options (Safeguard Merchant, anyone?).”

Hero Power changes:

  • Trade (Renamed to Safe Investment): Redesigned to “Add a Gold Piece to your hand. Invest (+1) And heal a damaged friendly character for 1/2/3.”
  • Plunder (Renamed to Risky Investment): Redesigned to “Add a Gold Piece and a Trophy card that costs 2/1/0 to your hand.”

Card changes:

  • Art of the Deal: Now adds other Heroes’ cards instead of Merchant cards to your hand.
  • Black Market Dealer: Strength increased from 4 to 5, Health reduced from 4 to 2.
  • Blockade: Cost reduced from 4 to 2.
  • Broadside: Reduced the power and cost of the Invest option to (+3) for 2 damage instead of (+5) for 3 damage.
  • Intrepid Explorer: Ability changed to “Big Entrance: Add 1 of 3 Mythic cards to your hand.”
  • Reaver: Reduced Gold cost from 8 to 6.



Cards made less situational. General power level increase.

“We felt that Sand was in a similar place to Temple, in that he had too many cards which only worked in specific scenarios. This tended to leave him a tad underpowered during matches where those scenarios did not arise. To combat this, we’ve redesigned various aspects of Energising Disciple, Oasis, Sand Fury and Sleeping Sands, as well as his Good and Evil Hero Power, so that they have a wider range of potential uses.

A few of his cards have also proved to be somewhat underwhelming, so we made a selection of changes to Blaze of Glory, Leeching Swarm, Protect the Prophet, Sentinel, Shimmering Mirage and Wear Away aimed at bringing those cards up to an appropriate power level.”

Hero Power changes:

  • Energise (Good): Redesigned to “Heal a character for 2. If it was damaged, give 1/2/3 friendly unit(s) +1 Health.”
  • Incite (Evil): Redesigned to “Heal a character for 2. If it has 5/4/3 or more Strength, heal for 4 instead.”

Card changes:

  • Blaze of Glory: Cost reduced from 7 to 5. Now only draws 2 cards.
  • Energizing Disciple: Ability changed to “At the end of your turn, heal all other friendly characters for 1.”
  • Leeching Swarm: Cost increased from 5 to 7. Now deals 3 damage and restores 5 Health to your Champion instead of buffing your units.
  • Protect the Prophet: Cost reduced from 4 to 3. Now gives +3 Health to initial target.
  • Oasis: Redesigned to [3] Heal ALL characters for 5.
  • Sand Fury: Changed to [6] 6/5 with “Zeal: Can’t be targeted by spells, Hero Powers or Vials.”
  • Sentinel: Cost reduced from 10 to 8.
  • Shimmering Mirage: Cost reduced from 5 to 3. Can now be used on enemy units as well.
  • Sleeping Sands: Changed to [1] Give a unit “Zeal: Has -3 Strength.”
  • Wear Away: Cost reduced from 6 to 5.



Surge of Claws toned down. Call of the Balverine reworked.

“Crimson was just a little bit too good.

Surge of Claws was making a strong case for being the best card in the game, as it had the ability to not only wipe your opponent’s board for relatively low cost, but it also helped to rebuild your own board by summoning a Blooded Balverine. As such, we’ve bumped up its cost and changed the Feral clause to still give you some sweet, sweet value, without helping you get quite so ahead of your opponent.

Call of the Balverine also wasn’t a problem on its own, but when Crimson already had access to her Hero Power, Mortal Wound, Ambush, Predatory Balverine and Blood Frenzy, her overall suite of removal options was just a little bit too flexible. As such, we’ve reworked Call of the Balverine to be a potent combo card which can set up some really powerful turns, especially if you already have another Blooded Balverine in play.”

Card changes:

  • Call of the Balverine: Changed to [2] “Transform a friendly unit into a 2/2 Blooded Balverine. You may use your Hero Power twice this turn”.
  • Surge of Claws (Renamed to Surge of Fangs): Cost increased from 6 to 7. Feral clause changed from “And summon a 2/2 Blooded Balverine” to “And draw a card.”

Neutral Cards:

Cards redesigned to provide more support for various archetypes. Some power level adjustments.

“Last Laugh cards are pretty cool, but up until now there hadn’t really been enough support for a full-on Last Laugh deck. To solve that, we’ve made some changes to Cursed Warrior, Undead Footman, Westcliff Recruiter and Acolyte of Skorm to make the “summon things then kill those things to summon more things” deck concept into a reality.

We also reworked a couple of cards that were proving problematic. Reformed Criminal had some applications in co-op that were really warping how players were constructing their co-op decks, so he’s been redesigned to fulfil the same role without the same problems. Bowerstone Guard was not only buggy, but also only really playable in a very specific metagame, so we’ve changed him to have a more generalised ability which can fit into both more midrange and controlling decks.

Alongside this, we wanted to make some changes to a few cards that were just on the edge of playability. Experimental Repeater looks a lot more appealing with an extra point of Health, and Pie Seller fits more naturally into a control deck’s curve when it costs 5 Gold instead of 3, and Philanthropist/Inside Trader are significantly higher value with additional card draw included. Sir Walter’s ability was just too specific and forced you to build a very particular kind of deck, which isn’t where we want our neutral cards – especially our neutral Fabled cards – to be, so we reworked him so that he could find a home in many more types of deck.”

Card changes:

    • Acolyte of Skorm: Strength increased from 2 to 3.
    • Bowerstone Guard: Redesigned to a [4] 4/4 with “Big Entrance: Gain Guard.”
    • Cursed Warrior: Redesigned to [4] 1/1 with “Last Laugh: Summon a Vengeful Cadaver.”
    • Experimental Repeater: Health increased from 5 to 6.


  • Inside Trader: Changed ability to “Big Entrance: Draw a card and reduce its cost by 2.”


    • Lord of Oakfield: Changed ability to “Big Entrance: Give adjacent units +1/+1.”
    • Pie Seller: Increased cost from 3 to 5. Increased Strength from 3 to 4. Increased Health from 3 to 6.


  • Philanthropist: Change ability to “Big Entrance: Draw a card. If it’s a unit, give it +2/+2.”


  • Reformed Criminal: Redesigned to [2] 4/4 with “Zeal: -4 Strength.”
  • Sir Walter: Redesigned to [5] 5/4 with “At the end of your turn, give all friendly units and units in your hand +1/+1.”
  • Undead Footman: Redesigned to [3] 1/4 with “After a unit dies, gain +1 Strength.”
  • Westcliff Recruiter: Cost reduced from 6 to 4. Strength reduced from 4 to 1. Health reduced from 6 to 4.

Bug Fixes:



  • Auroran Conjurer: Will no longer sometimes only summon a unit for your opponent.
  • Chesty: Playing Chesty after it has been buffed by Ship’s Cook no longer results in an error.


    • Colin Mk II: An error will no longer occur if you play B.O.G.O.F. while Colin Mk II is on the board, or if you use a stat-swapping effect on Colin Mk II.
    • Exhume: Wording updated to more accurately reflect the effect.
    • Good Dog: Removed incorrect cards from the list of available Epic+ cards.


  • Kidnap: Using this on a buffed unit no longer results in an error.


    • Paragon of Virtue: Changed wording to be more consistent with similar effects.
    • Pitcher of Ogre Slobber: Changed wording to be more consistent with similar effects.
    • Plunder the Tombs: Removed incorrect cards from the list of available Hollow Men.


  • Rally the Troops: The effect tooltip should now correctly disappear at the end of your turn.
  • Reassemble the Bones: Using this spell on a damaged unit no longer causes that unit to have incorrect Health when you play it again.
  • Rich Auntie: No longer grants your opponent Gold if she dies on their turn.


    • Savage Charge: Minor wording update.
    • Sea Witch: No longer incorrectly damages itself.


  • Shopkeeper: Now correctly draws a card for your ally.


    • Shroud: An error will no longer occur if Shroud deals lethal damage to your opponent.


  • Soul Sucker: Fixed an issue where Soul Sucker would incorrectly set multiple units’ stats to 1/1.


    • Stench of Death: Changed wording to be more consistent with similar effects.


  • Track Prey: An error will no longer occur after after playing this card.


  • Attempting to rename a custom deck no longer sometimes results in an error.
  • Cards that summon multiple units at once no longer appear to summon more than one unit into the same board position.
  • Copying a unit in Guard now correctly causes the summoned copy to gain the Guard effect.
  • ‘End of turn’ stat modifiers will no longer be incorrectly switched when using a stat switching effect on a unit.
  • Epic neutral units should now have the correct crafting recipe.
  • Morality cards will no longer appear to transform on mouseover if you do not have the required Good/Evil points.
  • Pressing the ‘Back’ button twice whilst in the crystal ball no longer results in an error.
  • Pressing the ‘Item’ tab whilst on the Craft Cards screen no longer results in an error.
  • Quickly changing decks during deck selection no longer results in an error.
  • Quest rewards in Oakfield updated to be more reflective of intended power level.
  • Salvaging a Fabled card no longer sometimes results in an error.
  • Some visual bugs on the Event screen have been fixed.
  • Submenus within the Options menu now have scrollbars and can be more easily navigated.
  • The amount of Medals required to reach the next League should now be displayed correctly during the Victory/Defeat sequence.
  • The Guard and Hero Power buttons should now correctly become active again if you spend all of your Gold and then use Gold Pieces to regain the required amount of Gold to use them.
  • Typo in Rhubarb Fools Quest description text fixed.
  • Units which take 0 damage from an ability or attack no longer have their Health turn red.
  • Volume levels now default to 50%.
  • When deck building, if you have a full deck but no Trophy card, the amount of available Trophy cards no longer reads as 0/1.
  • When units are returned to your hand from the board, any damage or modifications to their stats should now be removed.
  • You can no longer interact with your decks while in card inspection mode on the Cards screen.
  • You can now correctly see how many copies of each card you have while in Craft Cards mode on the Cards screen.
  • You can now correctly see how many copies of each item you have on the Cards screen.